Marius Fahlbusch is the Technical director and co-founder of 5th Cell. He takes control of all the computers and tech issues.

History Edit

Marius studied, in the University of Munich, and got a BS/MS in engineering. Marius met Jeremiah Slaczka, Joe Tringali and Brett Caird in a games conference and helped Jeremiah make the devices to achieve their goals. When finding out about Jeremiah's idea for Scribblenauts he was the only besides Slaczka to have enough confidence to create the objects. Jeremiah and Marius made a plan to create the game causing all the other members to agree and start development. Slaczka and Fahlbusch have gotten along ever since. Marius is often described by Jeremiah as the reason Scribblenauts was made.

Trivia Edit

He is also, Jeremiah Slaczka's assistant He is third in charge of the company