Samuel is a character from the Drawn to life series.

Drawn to life Edit

Samuel is first saved, when Deadwood attacks the village, and The Hero sets out to deafeat him. Samuel then gives The Hero, a Starzooka gun so he can survive The Island Gate. He is later called by The Mayor and The Hero, to tell them about The Kaori Berry tree, and whether it is safe that The Hero can use it to get passed, the City Gate. Samuel warns them, that The Hero will grow giant, and will only be for a short time, but they still use it, and it luckily lasts long enough.

Drawn to life: The Next Chapter Edit

In the sequel, Samuel, Navy J and Indee get sent to Watersong, where The Hero chooses whether to save them. Samuel then stays in The Turtle Rock's Creation Hall, and can't be seen again otherwise.

Trivia Edit

Samuel dresses like a monk, and is known to give the player useful advice